Bottle Knockouts

Thank you for contacting us for your bottle knockout! Also called bottle shots, these product images are delivered as follows:

  • Bottle on transparent background
  • PNG file type
  • Download via Dropbox link
  • Unlimited usage rights

The beauty of a knockout is that it can be dropped onto any layout, print or online! Add shadows or reflections for a polished look.


  • BEST OF THE BEST: these shots are used to showcase your product - give us the best you got!
    • 2 bottles
    • Seams in the back or on the sides, pretty far back
    • Close to perfect labels & capsules

Turnaround time: 5 business days
Rush delivery may be available for an additional fee

Product Delivery
We can coordinate drop offs or we can receive shipments at UPS or FedEx. Email Megan the tracking information ASAP. 

  • UPS Store Napa, 952 School St, Napa, CA 94559
  • FedEx Napa, 702 Lincoln Ave, Napa, CA 94558
  • Let us know if you need the bottles returned. Pre-paid shipping labels need to be included or in-person pickups can be coordinated.


BASE PRICE: $135/bottle

  • Paper Label
  • Red/White/Rose Wine, Light/Dark Beer, Light/Dark Spirits
  • Back labels will be removed from any bottles where the back label shows through the liquid (white/rose wines, most spirits & beers) 
  • Free vintage removal


  • Silkscreened label on red wine: +$40/bottle
  • Silkscreened label on white/rose wine, beer or spirits: +$75/bottle (and let's chat! These can be difficult if not workable. Leave us info in the form below.)
  • Metallic label: +$35/bottle
  • Metallic ink: +$25
  • Multiple bottles in one shot: +$25/bottle plus any fees as outlined above
  • Shadow: +$20/product
  • Reflection: +$20/product
  • Vintage change: $50 (font required)

Fill out the form below to request a bottle shot

 Red Wine with a Paper Label

Red Wine with a Paper Label

 A Light-Colored Wine with a Silkscreened Label and Bottle Art

A Light-Colored Wine with a Silkscreened Label and Bottle Art

 Red Wine with a Silkscreened Label

Red Wine with a Silkscreened Label

I Need a Knockout!

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File Delivery Due Date
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We will reach out to you with any questions as soon as possible. We will work with you to coordinate product delivery and files delivery deadlines.