You're a Knockout

Your product will be shot then the background will be clipped out from the background. The background will be transparent, delivered to you in hi-res and lo-res PNG format for use on websites and print materials. The beauty of a knockout is that it can be dropped onto any layout! Add shadows or reflections for a polished look.


  • Best of the best!
    • 2 bottles
    • Seams in the back or on the sides, pretty far back
    • Close to perfect labels & capsules
    • Back labels will be removed from white wines & roses, light spirits bottles and light beer bottles
  • Price is for paper labels only. Silkscreened & ACL labels incur extra fees - let's chat!
  • Let us know if you need the bottles returned. Pre-paid shipping labels need to be included or in-person pickups can be organized.

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