Social Media

Asset Library Building: Domaine Carneros

As we've talked about before, feeding the content machine is a non-stop project. We love working with teams who want professional photos for their marketing efforts, from social media to email marketing to website imagery. Throw in the occasional print use and clients are really able to get a lot out of a lower-production photo shoot! 

This year, we've been honored to work with Domaine Carneros. Bubbles, views - they have it all.

Content Marketing: Mary's Pizza Shack

Pizza. Yum. We've been working with Mary's Pizza Shack, helping to fill their social media content calendar. They have such a fun, distinct, playful voice and we are thrilled to support their brand in this way. We're also loving their new branding! (We had nothing to do with it, we just love it.)

For Mary's, we create visual assets for them and write about 15 posts per month. They can use them wherever they need them; these posts are in addition to all of the content they have going at any given time. If we can partner with the marketing team and help take a bit of the load from the marketing managers or social media staff, we're thrilled to do so!



Visual Content

HubSpot released 42 visual content marketing stats for 2017.  Most marketers know most of these, but it's always nice to be reminded of just how powerful visual content is. 

We started Untapped Media to help marketers with content production. We know just how difficult it can be to come up with photos and social media videos each and every day and are here to help! With marketing, PR, sales and photography expertise, we produce marketing content to help sell your product or service. In this fast-paced, short-attention-span world, a photo or a video is all you have to connect with consumers. We still love clever copy, but let's catch their eye with a great photo and then dazzle them with our brilliant words.