Fig Food Shoot from The Girl & the Fig (nom nom nom)

I was so honored to be asked to shoot the Fig Food for The Girl & the Fig. We had an incredible day of shooting at their Suite D location; a day filled with fun props, great light and delicious food. If these images make your mouth water, my work here is done.

Photographic Details:

  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
  • Lens:  Canon 50mm macro & 85mm
  • Lighting for most shots: natural light from large open garage-sized door, large reflector on opposite side (strobe on right for fill where needed; mirror for close-up fill where needed) 
  • Props: vintage silver knife/fork & spoon, long wood bread tray, vintage soup spoon, small glass container 
  • Surfaces: wood serving tray, silver platter, cutting boards, burlap, produce box, rusty sheet metal
  • Food props: morning buns (made by The Girl & the Fig CATERS! crew), fresh radishes and carrots from The Girl & the Fig garden, homemade The Girl & the Fig pickles, dandelion greens

The First 8 Months

My baby is 8 months old. Can you believe it?! She's crying, laughing, recognizing people, and moving a little more quickly. She still falls down, she trips up, she has to be reminded about the bad things and the good things that happen.

This new venture, this business of mine, my baby, is already 8 months old. The old adage "you can do anything for a year" is true. I know it's true. But I also know that it feels like it's been 3 years of this and it's only been 8 months. The past 2 months have been rough. They've been trying, tough & scary. I didn't know if I were going to make it through. I've learned little things, like don't book two very large photo shoots back to back. I've learned that you have to invoice people for the work completed. 

It's been a major adjustment to go from a corporate employee since 1999 to an employee of one who manages all. That regular paycheck every two weeks is a luxury, I'm realizing. Health benefits: luxury. Going home at 5pm: luxury. Mentally checking out at 3pm on a very long Tuesday: luxury. 

Most entrepreneurial articles I've read (and I've read a TON...not kidding) are realistic about what to expect when you're expecting...to run your own business. I do feel, however, that they are not realistic enough. You really won't know what you're doing. It IS scary. There are weeks you feel like you might not make it through. Accounting? It does really suck. I'm good at some things, but there is no feedback from anyone when you run your own business. Am I really good at anything? How am I to know?

I appreciate all the people in my life who have helped me get this far in this short-but-oh-so-long eight months. I hope they know just how grateful I am for their ear, their support & their referrals. I appreciate my family who has listened to me whine & complain (I don't have coworkers anymore, remember? Also, my apologies for all the venting to those I've worked with over the years.) 

Here's to another 8 months! 

P.S. I have not yet met one of my goals for the first 12 months: get a beer client. 

My Problem with Entrepreneurial Articles

I'm a one man band. (How I wish that were literally true...but I digress.) I don't have an advisory board unless you count my parents and close friends. I don't have key stakeholders unless you count my mortgage company. I don't have teams of people I can call into a lunch meeting to brainstorm the latest project. I have me. Myself and I are in there too, but it seems weird to count all three of us.

I read every entrepreneurial article I come across from the likes of Inc., Business Insider, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Marketing Profs. I learn amazing information on a regular basis on how to better my business, how to think like an entrepreneur, how to brand/market/sell my new business. What I rarely see, however, are articles related to the one man band. I would guess that most businesses, small consultancies like mine, start with one person and some grow into small agencies that grow into medium agencies. They had to start somewhere. I'm in that somewhere now. I'm in the I-do-everything-even-the-stuff-I'm-really-bad-at phase. I love learning how to do things I don't know how to do (except accounting. I don't love that.) but I would really like to read some of these articles that speak directly to my in my situation. 

I can lament about how I need to get an accountant or learn Quickbooks (stat), or how I am navigating these entrepreneurial waters, but when it comes down to it, I don't know what I'm doing. I know what I offer and I'm quite good at that, but I don't know how to run a business. Are there quality resources out there, on par with those mentioned above, for the one man band? If not, then I think I just stumbled upon a niche...