The girl & the fig 20th Anniversary Party

Sondra & John are celebrating 20 years of the girl and the fig and we were honored to capture the amazing 600-person dinner party in the Sonoma Plaza. Cheers to 20 more!!

The Girl & the Fig Appetizers

We usually go rustic with The Girl & the Fig imagery - it's their style, they have great props and it's on-brand. The product & styled food photography is usually a bit on the warm & moody side, with big soft light on the left and slight fill on the right. For this session, we went really moody. I've wanted to do a shoot like this forever, and I'm so lucky to partner with a team who had this vision.

(Be sure to scroll down for the best #bts ever.)

The Girl & the Fig Appetizers

The funniest part?



Domaine Carneros Le Reve & Lobster Event

The contrast of the elegance of The Chateau & Le Reve + a straight up, down home lobster feed. Enjoy.