The Team

We write, we snap, we dig in, we get it done.

Owner + Photographer

THE STORY: I'd love to say my career path was 100% intentional, but whose truly is? Ok, doctors, lawyers & engineers, touché. In marketing, the path is rarely linear. I started my career at Autodesk nowhere near marketing, but my first manager took a chance on a 21-year old who had a good work ethic. <and.....scene.>

Many years later, I fell in love with wine. I worked really hard to get a job at a winery, where I would be surrounded by wine and where we would taste wine and where I would learn all about wine. I did, but I also learned quickly that wine is a business and that business is very complicated. After working on high-level marketing programs for national retail and on-premise accounts, I created the social media position within the company. I ran the digital marketing for 14+ brands at one company to managing 9 at the next, owning everything from writing content to managing ads to broadcasting programs and promotions to influencer marketing. It was a wild ride. <and.....scene.>

Picture it, Napa, 2014. I decided to go out on my own. As an in-house digital marketing manager, the ONE thing I needed most was content. I started Untapped Media to provide businesses and brands with custom, branded stock imagery for their own asset libraries. No more buying that one stock image of the brunette holding a glass of red, ya know, the one everyone uses. Untapped Media can provide you with professional level photographs that up your digital marketing game.

RANDOMS: I love coffee (who doesn't.) And beer (who doesn't.) I'm picky about cereal, pickles and peanut butter cups. I was once on a local Bay Area TV show where I got a makeover...I did not get to meet Mike Rowe. One of my pins for a brand I worked on got over 23,000 repins within two weeks. I once played blackjack with Vince Vaughn, in the height of my Swingers obsession. This obsession has not really waned. I resisted Facebook for almost 2 years after it went mainstream (how could I abandon MySpace?!?) I took a solo road trip in 2012 to take more photographs, driving 2300 miles and seeing incredible sights like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and the Neon Museum in Vegas. I worked in a video store from 1996-1999. Yes, video store, as in VHS, DVD and even LaserDisc. I have a few As Seen on TV product ideas.

Digital Marketing + Biz Dev

THE STORY: My road to eating and tweeting was a random one that I never would have predicted. After pursuing an American Studies graduate degree in beautiful, albeit very sleepy Hawaii, I decided to leave it all behind to jump into the corporate world on a different island: Manhattan. There couldn't have been a more jarring yet energizing place to go. My first stint was doing social media strategy for a tech recruiting firm, where I became familiar with the basics of community management and the nitty gritty of digital promotion. But the interest for tech only lasted so long when the world of eclectic NYC food, innovative restaurants and the Brooklyn artisanal movement called to me. I then landed a job with the hospitality and restaurant public relations firm Baltz & Company as their Digital Communications Manager. I was tasked with leading our tiny social media division, creating agency and client content, running advertising, photography, video and business development. We worked closely with some of the most groundbreaking chefs and sommeliers: Marcus Samuelsson, Jamie Bissonnette, Masaharu Morimoto and Patrick Cappiello to name a few. After a two year whirlwind, I decided it was finally time to come back home to my Bay Area roots. While I continued agency work, a serendipitous connection led me to Megan and the prospect of being part of the core team was too amazing to pass up. I'm honored to be part of the journey and I'm looking forward to bringing your social media presence to the next level! 

Randoms: I once won an I Love Lucy trivia game night on a cruise ship. My celebrity crushes are Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park and Jeff Goldblum in the PayPal commercials. I can promise you there is no dessert too sweet for me and I cannot promise you that I'll share. My comfort foods are burritos, ramen or pineapple fried rice. My one Someday I'd love to have a horse (big or miniature, doesn't really matter). I love dancing and when I need to sooth my soul I listen to Stevie Wonder, Raphael Saadiq and sappy R&B love songs from the 90s. My lofty photography goal is to nail a beautiful night sky shot.