What Is Asset Building?

You need images. Lots & lots of images. We have worked in-house in various marketing roles including social media management and we know that the one thing that's needed most is visual content. We understand that you have a job to do - you can't always galavant around shooting everything at your business. We can be your silent team of photographers who provide a library of assets that you can use anytime, anywhere, any place.

How Does This Work Exactly?

We have various packages to fit your needs. We work closely with you to figure out what your top priorities are (social media content, website refresh imagery, brochures, events, etc.) and what your challenges are, then build a package that fits those needs. 


  1. "We never have enough social media images." We'll meet as a team, go through your brand positioning documents, styled guidelines, marketing plans & programs and social media calendar (see next section.) We'll then work together to create a master shot list that will support your content calendar for social, email, blog, web, etc. with rolling delivery dates so you have the content you need for your posting schedule.

  2. "We need more images at various times of day/week/year." We can create a photo retainer to make this work. Again, working from a master shot list, we'll capture the images you need to be relevant and seasonal each & every post.

  3. "We need a hero for our website and POS but we need similar images for social." We get it. You can use a few hero images on social but then it's overkill. Organic, of-the-moment photos are what social is all about. We can do a commercial photo shoot for your brand plus provide b-roll images that have the same look & feel for your supporting social media content.

We can slice & dice the packages in many ways. Sometimes it makes more sense to show up to your place of business for 60 minutes and shoot anything and everything. Sometimes it works better to plan small production photo shoots with props and food. This is all part of the discovery process!

What Is the Discovery Process?

  1. We meet as a team in person if possible, or on a conference call.

  2. Your team walks our team through style guidelines, marketing programs for the year, social media plans & content, brand positioning (taglines, essence, target demographic.)

  3. We would also want to look through existing imagery in your library and pull out likes/dislikes, refresh of certain images because of label changes or facility renovations, etc.

  4. As we familiarize ourselves with your brand, we are better equipped to shoot the correct types of imagery onsite or in a mini shoot each time.

  5. Mood boards are a must! Mood boards help us visualize your brand in colors, materials, angles, lighting, overall style & feel. We love them.

We cull our images for the best of the bunch, then do a clean edit on the images (color correcting, contrast, etc.) Whatever we shoot that meets our strict quality guidelines, you get.

For reference, in an hour at a busy tasting room, we can shoot upwards of 40 professional images that are yours to use. Remember - this could equal 40 social media posts! We may also provide mobile-optimized images and videos (like Boomerangs and Hyperlapses) for you to use in social.

In our larger packages, we will process the images in the brand style so they are delivered ready to be used. In our smaller packages, we deliver them in a clean edit and you can process them any way you like to reflect your brand style.

How Many Images Do We Get?

How Is This Different from Commercial Photography?

Asset building:

  • Professional and mobile equipment (Canon pro cameras, lighting, smartphones, mirrorless cameras, point & shoots)

  • Editorial/event-style shooting - think "paparazzi" onsite, capturing all the things there to capture

  • Shorter shoot times

  • Styled sets - low production (e.g. cheese board with wine, product with seasonal props, product at an outdoor location)

  • Defined shot list but also shots on-the-fly

  • Post production - clean edits

  • Professional eye and experience always included!

Commercial Photography:

  • Professional equipment

  • Defined shot list

  • Longer shoot days with outlined sets

  • Post production - heavy edits

  • Reflection management in full effect for bottles (all light sources controlled, post production)

  • Assistant, stylist, second shooter, heavy props & sets may be required


  • Where possible, we shoot b-roll while on set for a commercial photo shoot. Sometimes timing does not allow for this because our first priority is your shot list but if we can, we will!

What Are the Terms?

As with all of our photography, the terms are very generous. We want those images to help you sell more product or services, not sit on our hard drives, never to see the light of day. We retain the copyright, however we offer unlimited usage in time and placement for social media use

The investment you make upfront will pay off in spades in the long run. We will not contact you in a year and ask you to renew any licenses nor will we add fees for national campaigns.

We do ask that photo credit is given for all editorial uses. Additional licensing fees are available for other uses like websites, press media, printed mailers, advertising and more.