Why Training?

Social media is big. (Understatement of the year? Probably.) Our services to help you manage your social media efforts can be sliced & diced a million ways based on your needs. 

We offer content marketing packages to help you fill your calendar, we offer strategy work to help define your brand in social and how to execute on each platform and we offer social promotions management. We can train you on how to define goals, how/when/where to publish, how to perform the best customer service possible for your community, how to look at the numbers to measure successes, how to advertise. 

With all of the facets of social media management, we believe that the best social media engagement comes from the source: you. With a strong support system and strategy, you can manage your social media day-to-day with some training to become even more comfortable with the platforms and best practices. 

What Types of Training Do You Offer?

We prefer our training sessions to be customized to your team. We will send out a brief questionnaire that will help us gauge the level of experience of the attendees. We will work with you beforehand to identify exactly what you'd like to focus on.

We do training sessions for all types of team members who touch social in some way:

  • Social media managers

  • Collaborators (PR, email marketing, brand management)

  • Contributors (sales, onsite staff, event staff, extended team members, exec staff, management)

From novice to expert, we can help you figure out where you need the most help then provide training on topics that are important to you and your team. Hands-on training is incredibly valuable and is an option as well.

We'll go over:

  • Philosophy

  • Do's & Don’ts - best practices

  • Guide for translating brand voice to social media content

  • Platform languages

  • Platform guidelines

  • Hashtagging

  • Basics of digital advertising

  • Custom topics based on pre-training questionnaire

  • Social Media Basic Training reference sheet

Where Is Training Located?

  1. We can come to you: all training within 20 miles of Napa, CA is included in the fee.

  2. We'd love to host you at our studio in South Napa.

  3. We prefer in-person sessions, but we are flexible and can do conference calls with your team.