See it in action: Sutter Home Wine Cocktails on Pinterest

Pinterest is an after-work-black-hole, we can all agree on that. However, sometimes it is not utilized to its full potential in the social media toolkit for brands. The power of Pinterest became a force we could not ignore on the Sutter Home brand. The Pinterest user and the Sutter Home consumer were the same, the opportunity to align the brand with products, style & decor that resonated with consumers was great and the ability to drive traffic to the Sutter Home blog was invaluable. 

With copyright infringement and intellectual property issues top of mind along with beverage-alcohol laws and guidelines we had to follow, we jumped in and create an account. Pinterest became the entry and the blog was the destination. We amassed a great following quickly, promoting our presence on Pinterest in our other social channels.

When we ran a wine cocktail program and promotion, we targeted Pinterest as the primary channel to focus on to get the recipes out and to increase blog traffic. The strategy behind this came from listening to what our consumers wanted across all platforms, what they were doing not only with Sutter Home but other wine brands (making cocktails) and jumping on the trend. This was a huge success, with one wine cocktail pin getting over 23,000 repins.  That successful pin was a result of truly listening to what the community was saying and taking those learnings: the rise in Moscato, sweet cocktails, and things that are pink. We made a mark in the wine industry, gaining an incredible following - a highly engaged following! - and even made it in Huffington Post's list of accounts to follow.

When you understand who your consumer is, what they like and talk about frequently, and you are able to execute promotions that not only fit with your brand personality but that fit into the lifestyle of your consumer, you will have success.