Beverage-alcohol laws are an interesting beast. Yes, I said it. Beast. Most of the laws are leftover from the Prohibition days, so navigating these sometimes-wacky laws can be difficult. This is especially true in social media because it is a new(-ish) marketing & advertising channel. 

If your business falls into the beverage-alcohol category, federal and state laws regulate anything from how old someone looks in a photo down to mentioning if you are at a specific restaurant. Because social media is public, government entities (and your competitors) can easily spot unlawful activity. Social media is not worth a fine or worse, losing your alcohol license, so understanding these laws is critical to your business.

Learn about:

  • How to run a promotion (contest/sweepstakes/giveaway) in social media
  • How to choose imagery
  • Topics to avoid in your content marketing
  • Certain phrases to avoid
  • Prize limitations

Untapped Media can assist you in working creatively within the laws to execute your social media plans, your photography and your marketing promotions.

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