Craft Your Story

Whether it's wine, beer, coffee, food, cocktails, buildings or toys, the passion you exude for your craft should be celebrated in your marketing. Your story needs to be told. Untapped Media can help you tell that story through striking imagery and creative words, spurring a connection that creates not just consumers, but a loyal community both in social media and at your place of business.

Untapped Media provides photography + social media services to businesses & individuals who want to get the most out of their visual online presence. Focus: visual storytelling for the craft food + drink industry (think artisan foods, craft breweries, boutique wineries, craft distilleries, speciality coffee & tea) and hospitality businesses. 

What does it all mean? Social media has gone from a flood of characters to a flood of imagery. Untapped Media can help you navigate these social media platforms, leveraging their strengths and matching them with yours. Showcase your business and let Untapped Media help you CRAFT YOUR STORY.

Photography for Social Media - Yes, Please! Powerful imagery tells the best story. Shake your assets - your property, your products, your people. Social media photography doesn't need to be grainy, out-of-focus smartphone images. 

Untapped Media can not only shoot your hero image for your marketing campaign & website, but also shoot the "b-roll" imagery to support that campaign across social media platforms. 

Be a storyteller with branded business imagery that speaks for you. 

  1. Get the consumer
  2. Keep the consumer. 

Regularly connecting with consumers wherever they are online creates a strong relationship with the brand. 

  1. Listen to your consumer.
  2. Engage with your consumer.

Making those connections requires brand marketers to understand their consumers and provide content that resonates with them. If they continue to find value in the content that’s provided, they will bounce between the brand’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest boards, Instagram photos, website, microsite, mobile app, email newsletters, club communication, and YouTube videos, staying in the brand’s happy circle, the brand’s corner of the internet.  

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Beverage-alcohol laws are an interesting beast. Yes, I said it. Beast. Most of the laws are leftover from the Prohibition days, so navigating these sometimes-wacky laws can be difficult. This is especially true in social media because it is a new(-ish) marketing & advertising channel. 

Untapped Media can assist you in working creatively within the laws to execute your social media plans, your photography and your marketing promotions.

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