Agency Partnerships

Untapped Media can assist with RFPs that include social media, photography and/or beverage-alcohol clients. 

Social Media

  • If your agency does not offer social media services, Untapped Media can help you with the RFP process and help land a larger contract.
  • Learn more about the social media services Untapped Media offers.


  • If your agency is in need of hero imagery, b-roll imagery, head shots, lifestyle shots or many other topics, Untapped Media can provide those services for you or for your client.
  • Learn more about the photography services Untapped Media offers.


  • If your agency wants to target wineries, breweries or distilleries, Untapped Media can assist you with the types of promotions and campaigns that are legal under federal and state regulations. 
  • Avoid the client "sorry, no, we can't." Untapped Media can offer guidance on how a campaign will be received by the client by making sure that it falls within the regulations. 
  • The wine industry follows the Wine Institute code which is more conservative than beer or spirits in most cases. By doing so, they can keep the government agencies out of their day to day business a little more for more efficient business operations. With a strong wine industry background, Untapped Media can assist you in navigating this tough terrain.
  • Learn more about beverage-alcohol regulations.