So You Play on Facebook for a Living?

Yes, yes I do.

Social Media in the Wine Industry
Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? It beats marketing toilet paper, that's for sure. Well, I would guess so, maybe that has good perks. I digress.

In September of 2010, I started my official social media career, but my love affair with the internet goes way back. Granted, I was the kid in high school who, after seeing the internet for the first time, said "Ppppffffssstt, who would ever use that." I said that. Out loud. To my friends. Don't tell anyone.

I was an avid MySpace user in 2005/2006/2007, then abandoned it when it got lame (aka my company blocked it from work computers.) I resisted Facebook, thinking it was stupid - you couldn't even customize colors! - but finally joined in 2008. Wait, so I "resisted" Facebook for about 14 months? Wow, such resolve!

In December of 2009, I brought an in-depth proposal to the president of the company about how the company needed a social media manager and that I was the chick for the job. It took a while, but it happened, about 10 months later.

Most of the brands already had a social media presence but as anyone who works in this industry knows, they're slow to adopt technology. (Did I just make the understatement of the year or what?) It was a journey, one that I am very proud of. I was able to grow multiple brands to very high numbers and very high engagement rates as a one man show. Anyway, that's all for LinkedIn. This is a blog. Here is where I share my philosophies...and do I have some of those...

Megan's Social Media Circle of Happiness ©
A marketer's ultimate goal is to get the consumer, then keep the consumer. Keeping consumers in the brand’s happy circle is first and foremost the social media goal. If a Facebook ad gets them, engaging content on Facebook keeps them, maybe the next time they see us, they'll engage on Twitter and a read a blog post. Each time they engage with us, their connection to us is stronger. Ideally, this is an emotional connection, which is much easier to achieve in social media versus traditional marketing. Keeping them in the Circle of Happiness© increases loyalty and next time they are at the beast that we call a wine set, they'll pick up your wine instead of another white-label-serif-font-tiny-illustration wine brand.

If they continue to find value in the content that’s provided, they will bounce between the brand’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest boards, Instagram photos, website, microsite, mobile app, email newsletters, wine club communication, and YouTube videos, staying in the brand’s happy circle, the brand’s corner of the internet. The brand voice, visuals, messaging and positioning need to be consistent, serving up a cohesive experience for the consumer at every touch point. The longer they stay in the circle, or return to it, the more valuable they are to the brand and the stronger the relationship will be.

Next time on Social Media in the Wine Industry (SMITWI): How is Social Media like a Dinner Party?

Cheers! {clink clink}