A Novella About My Social Media Journey

>Fair warning: stream of consciousness ahead<

Social Media Marketing World 2019 #SMMW19 | San Diego

Social Media Marketing World 2019 #SMMW19 | San Diego

Here I sit, at Social Media Marketing World, in between sessions, mulling over what I’ve heard & learned. Given that I have been a very poor blogger over the past five years since I started Untapped Media, I thought for some reason that today would be a good day to get some thoughts out. Most of the sessions have been focused on video. Video is something that I’ve never been comfortable with, I’m much better with the written word. As a part of the Oregon Trail/Xennial generation, I straddle the worlds of being too old to have grown up with technology but being young enough to embrace it in my late teens/early 20s. As a former web manager and current gear-lover, I’m nerdy enough to jump on the technology wagon (probably a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail TBH) for just about everything but at the same time complain incessantly about being always-connected, TikTok and longing to go off the grid (again, Oregon Trail fits perfectly here.) This entire blog post should be a video of me talking to you, spilling my thoughts all over an Instagram Story. Maybe someday.

I guess I’ve been inspired by being here in San Diego, surrounded by people who do what I do, listening to what’s next in the industry we work in. It’s made me contemplate how I got here, how different the social media landscape truly is and…not gonna lie…how much older I am than SO many people here. But that’s neither here nor there…something only an old person would say…

In 2009 - almost TEN years ago - TEN - 10! - I wrote a social media job description and pitched it to the president of the company I worked for. The meeting itself went well, the aftermath was not so awesome. Though I “got in trouble” for jumping the line so to speak, in the end it was worth it - I had designed a job that looked ahead to the future of marketing and luckily for me, fit my skill set perfectly. In 2010, I started that role, taking on a massive community of people who loved that product. After almost 4 years of being in-house, I decided I wanted to strike out on my own and for five years, Untapped Media has grown into something I’m quite proud of. My mom constantly reminds me to be proud of what I’ve built, so by writing it here, I’m trying. Like video, tooting my own horn is waaaaaay outside my comfort zone.

Anyway, 10 years is a long time to be doing social. Most business owners still see social media as a fad, that all we do is play on Facebook and Instagram all day. Obviously, this isn’t the case, but the perception is alive and well. For 10 years I’ve been dedicated to growing brands, creating communities and being incessantly connected to provide the best service possible for the brands’ communities. In 10 years, I’ve managed 35+ brands, from small to fairly large. Ten years working in an industry that’s come so far but is also still a little wild & rogue. Ten years - most of the people who do what I do were still in middle school when I started this social media journey. Where will the next 10 years take me?

Harvest 2018: Stag's Leap Wine Cellars

It’s harvest time in the Napa Valley, filled with tractors on roads, the smell of crush, the incredible teams of hard-working, fast-moving people, whom I thank for letting me shadow that day.

#napaharvest #harvest2018 #itsfromnapa #ournapa

Little Boxes

This is way off on a tangent. Bear with me.

I order a.lot. on Amazon. Some things I know I can get locally, and I do, but there are a lot of things that I can't get locally or even in my general area. Case in point: photography equipment. Since most camera stores have gone out of business or are only found in major cities, I'm destined to buy most of my gear online. That gear comes in so many boxes - SO MANY BOXES - and a lot of it is packaged in a ridiculous way. Over the past 6 months, I've been hoarding my boxes to give to my brother & sis-in-law for their big move, but now that that's done, I'm back to recycling boxes or using a couple here and there for storage. 

My idea: Amazon should setup box drop off days at their Locker locations, then reuse those perfectly good boxes when they send me my next set of gear.

Amazon - your move.