Asset Library Building

The Girl & the Fig Appetizers

We usually go rustic with The Girl & the Fig imagery - it's their style, they have great props and it's on-brand. The product & styled food photography is usually a bit on the warm & moody side, with big soft light on the left and slight fill on the right. For this session, we went really moody. I've wanted to do a shoot like this forever, and I'm so lucky to partner with a team who had this vision.

(Be sure to scroll down for the best #bts ever.)

The Girl & the Fig Appetizers

The funniest part?



Domaine Carneros Le Reve & Lobster Event

The contrast of the elegance of The Chateau & Le Reve + a straight up, down home lobster feed. Enjoy.

Asset Library Building: Domaine Carneros

As we've talked about before, feeding the content machine is a non-stop project. We love working with teams who want professional photos for their marketing efforts, from social media to email marketing to website imagery. Throw in the occasional print use and clients are really able to get a lot out of a lower-production photo shoot! 

This year, we've been honored to work with Domaine Carneros. Bubbles, views - they have it all.