Social Media Marketing Thoughts

A great post from Bundle Post prompted this commentary. I've picked out some of the items in their list to comment on and then I've added a few of my own.

#1: "Social Media is a marathon, not a sprint." This is incredibly true. Not only does it take time to find a voice & content that resonates with your target audience but is also true to your brand, it also takes time to build relationships, create & curate content and continue the conversation. Social media is a vehicle for that ongoing, never ending conversation. Buckle up.

#10: "A majority of social media marketers connect and engage with their peers and competitors, not their prospects." This is especially true in the wine industry. A well-known fact: the wine industry markets to the wine industry. It's a small industry, most winery owners and winemakers know each other and unfortunately, they talk to each other in their marketing efforts. True social media success comes from becoming a part of your consumers' lives. Existing or potential, speak to the people who buy your product, the ones who love you and are loyal to you, not the people you want to impress down the street.

#15: "Most industry apps and tools are created by people who have never successfully done social media marketing." Wow. Yes. True. Could someone who has been a social media marketing manager IN-HOUSE for a brand please create a relevant tool? We need one.

#26: "A proper social media strategy is required if you expect to get results." Absolutely.

#40: "Posting quotes everyday isn’t a strategy." Memes sell. They just do. They appeal to the people who are furiously scrolling through their feed in the spare moment they have before their real life takes over again. Be a part of their REAL LIFE and you won't need memes.

#49: "Social media is like a parallel universe to the real world. What you would never do at a networking event, you should not do in social media." This is awesomely, hilariously true. If your future hiring manager could see all of your social feeds, would they hire you?

Now for a few of my own that I'll add to Bundle Post's list:

#51: Create a bank of branded stock imagery. This is necessary to cohesive branding, effectively marketing a promotion and creates the look you want across ALL platforms, on- or offline.

#52: Create a network of social media marketing entrepreneurs in your area. There's plenty of work to go around and if we know each other, we can trust each other to pass off work.

#53: If you don't understand your brand inside & out, your social media will never work. Create personas, get to the root of what the brand stands for, become the brand.