The Social Media Circle of Happiness

A marketer's ultimate goal is to get the consumer, then keep the consumer. Keeping consumers in the brand’s happy circle is first and foremost the social media goal. Each time they engage with us, their connection to us is stronger. Ideally, this is an emotional connection, which is much easier to achieve in social media versus traditional marketing.

For example, keeping them in the Wine Circle of Happiness© increases loyalty and next time they are at the beast that we call a wine set, they'll pick up your wine instead of another white-label-serif-font-tiny-illustration wine brand. Substitute "wine" for your product!  

If they continue to find value in the content that’s provided, they will bounce between the brand’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest boards, Instagram photos, website, microsite, mobile app, email newsletters, club communication, and YouTube videos, staying in the brand’s happy circle, the brand’s corner of the internet.  The longer they stay in the circle, or return to it, the more valuable they are to the brand and the stronger the relationship will be.