What Do I Offer?

I started this business for a plethora of reasons, one being to use the word "plethora" more often. (Check.) I wanted to get back into my photography in a big way, pushing myself, booking shoots, and potentially opening a studio. I want to help businesses use content marketing to propel their businesses forward, creating a loyal community who will stay with them for the long run because they feel a connection to that business. My business is still in its infancy (waaah), and I'm chomping at the bit to execute this vision I have in my head. 

Next on my massive To Do list is to SHOW you what I think all businesses need. I need to set up a photo shoot, document the process, potentially create my first video and demonstrate what I'm trying to offer.

In short, I want my business to provide branded stock imagery to other businesses so that they can communicate to their communities through social media, digital marketing, websites, email marketing, presentations, videos, etc. A deck of branded stock imagery is content gold: your social media manager, designers and web manager will be thrilled. Why buy generic stock imagery for most of your content when you can hire someone to create a large deck of images that are all about you, your brand, your voice, your style?

I know there is a need. I just need to be able to prove it.