Building Your Own Brand as an Entrepreneur


Starting a business is hard. No one will argue with me there. Just when you think you're on top of all of your client work, you remember that you have your own business to market! It's easy to put your personal brand, your new business, on the back burner when more pressing things like quarterly taxes come up. While I'm still navigating these waters and have not yet mastered any of this, I hope a few tips can help others out there keep their brand as fresh as the client's brands they work on.

1. Treat yo'self. Treat your own marketing like you treat the marketing efforts you manage for others. Your business is just as important and while it's not bringing you any cash in hand, it will pay off in many ways.

2. Schedule meetings in your calendar to update your website, post on your social media accounts, and send out those Thank You cards you have been sitting on. The way I work, if it's not in the calendar, it doesn't get done.

3. Network. Always. Go to the industry events. Attend the meet ups. Invite new business contacts out for a beer or coffee and talk shop. Keeping yourself in front of other business owners or potential clients will bring in business.

4. On that note, no need to hard sell yourself. If you are present, respectful, nice, approachable and reliable (on time! deliver what you say you will!), new business contacts will see that, make a mental note of it and it could work in your favor the next time they're looking for someone who does what you do. Carry business cards but don't shove them in every hand you shake.

5. Be active online. Participate in Twitter chats, join LinkedIn groups, post questions/solutions in Facebook groups, define your brand using Instagram, blog frequently. Stay active online.

How do you keep your marketing efforts going when the day-to-day business operations take precedence?