Two Year Anniversary (What the What.)

On Thursday of last week, March 3rd, I took the team out for a client visit day to get more closely connected with the brands we manage and the people we work with. From a social media perspective, hearing the brand stories directly from the clients as much as possible will only make us a stronger team in relaying those stories and messages to loyal fans and consumers. From a photography persecutive, it's always nice for me to see the products I shoot in their natural habitat, surrounded by all the things that give these products & spaces personality.

Corporate speak would be to say that we had a team building day. Boring. It sounds like we're forcing people to get together to have "fun" on company time on the company dime. Been there. For the moment, we're calling these days Yay Days. Other names are in the running but for now, Yay Day is the perfect name for a fun, engaging, informative day.

I just realized that March 3rd has a lot of significance and from here on out, there will always be a Yay Day on 3/3. March 3rd was the day I officially gave notice to start the business. My last day wasn't until 3 weeks later, but 3/3 will always hold a spot on the calendar as the day I was truly ready to make the leap into this crazy life of a small business owner. 

Thank you to every person who has been there for me throughout this insane ride. I could not have done any of this without all everyone who has seen me through the repetitive conversations, the doubt-filled days, the good days, the fun projects, the hard projects, the days away, the long shoot days. Thank you to my parents who are really, really good at putting together IKEA furniture now and who listen to all of those repetitive conversations, to my brothers who occasionally ask what I'm up to but I know they'd be there if I needed them, to my friends who listen, give me advice, talk me off ledges and have been so patient with me and to my clients who have been so great to work with and who have embraced me as a part of their teams.

Happy two years, Untapped Media!