Social Media Updates: May 31, 2016

Facebook users are sharing less personal content. Have you noticed?

Pinterest has a valuation of $11B. $11 billion dollars. Eleven billion American dollars. Not the new kid on the block any more, Pinterest has had to make some changes to stay relevant.

Instagram is finally granted businesses insight into their accounts with analytics! With the option to advertise on Instagram, we're very happy to see that Instagram (the powers that be at Facebook, really) will be giving us the tools we need to more effectively manage our accounts. 

Some great changes are coming to Twitter soon! The 140-character limit remains in place, but reply handles and native media links are excluded in that count. Now we can finally share our thoughts and use an image to support them!

Social media marketing shouldn't seem like marketing. It must be a two-way communication channel between businesses and consumers, where businesses truly listen to their audiences and take to heart the insights they learn. "Brands send 23 messages for every 1 consumer response." Ready to talk less & listen more?

Netflix study on images: a fascinating look at how the streaming media giant chooses which cover images to use for their listings.

Even if you've seen it before, watched it 10 times even, we're thinking you need another laugh today. Happy happy Candace in her Chewbacca mask.

As always, Sprout Social keeps an up-to-date listing of all image dimensions for social media platforms.