Crafting Your Look

As we always say, we shoot in YOUR brand's style, not our own, to create assets you can use for all sales & marketing purposes. This can be done in a variety of ways - composition, lighting, prop styling, food/no food, and the list goes on and on. Something we don't play with too often is presets/filtering to achieve a look. Check this out:

Look & Feel 1: Clean Editing, Bright, Crisp

Look & Feel 2: Moody, Desaturated, Cooler Tones

Both of these are great assets for a brand, depending on the look they are going for within their brand style & essence. Defining the creative brief as a part of the photo shoot planning process is critical - this ensures that both the brand marketing team and the photographer are on the same page. Sometimes we're limited to time of day, location or models (or lack thereof) and with an open conversation about the end goal, some additional post-production work could mean that the image set will have the look and feel the brand team is after.