Visual Content is King

Content is king. That's what they say. I think VISUAL content is king. With an average attention span of something like 6 seconds, consumers respond/react to imagery more than words. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, right? As a self-proclaimed Word Nerd, this is sad, but since I am also a photographer, I can still play in the social media game pretty well. 

Here are 4 tips to getting great imagery for your social media:

  1. Do you need to schedule a photo shoot for your campaign? Hire a photographer (you already know one…yours truly) who is open to shooting your hero imagery but also your "behind the scenes"/"b roll" imagery that you can use in your social media marketing efforts. If you don't know if they do this, ask way, way ahead of time! Photographers may be willing to bring along a 2nd shooter just for this purpose.
  2. Let's talk about that "behind the scenes" imagery. It doesn't always need to be a peek behind the curtain, though those images do extremely well in social media (I'll get to that in a second.) It can be secondary shots that support the hero image. Example: you need to shoot your brewery's top seller for a summer-themed ad campaign. You need a hero image of course which will be in your advertising, your presentation deck and your marketing materials. Your social media manager (possibly you) will need that image of course, but they will need numerous additional photos to support that campaign so cans & followers don't tire of the imagery. This "b roll" imagery is extremely important in communicating your brand, your campaign and your style to your community!
  3. "Behind the scenes" - this imagery does well in social media as I mentioned above. Fans of yours want to see things about your business that no one else gets to see. Do you make croissants? I personally would love to see how you make those, in the back kitchen, flour everywhere (is there flour in croissants? I don't bake. You'll notice that theme on this blog.) because I have not one clue how croissants are made and how they end up so beautiful. Show me!
  4. Facebook and Twitter are great for building a strong community, but don't forget about the primarily visual social networks like Instagram and Pinterest. Showcase your business/product/staff/process on these platforms and grow interest in who you are and how you connect with consumers.

There will be many, many more posts on visual content, considering my business is built on this!