First North Bay Blogger Event

Meeting up with people who do what you do, are interested in what you're interested in and are just generally great people makes for a great middle-of-the-week occasion. Shana Bull (@sharayray) and Malia Anderson (@styleby_malia) put together a solid group of folks who blog in the North Bay. #NorthBayBloggers

We got together at Malia's 2nd Street office in Santa Rosa, sipped Iron Horse bubbles and 101 North Brewing beers. It was such a pleasure to be around people who have found their niche, something I am starting right now. I know where I want to be, which helps, but how quickly I'll get there is a story that hasn't been written yet. 

I got to catch up with Ken Waggoner, but everyone knows him as @alawine around here, and Shana; met new folks like Malia and Jennifer. I saw my entrepreneur-in-crime, Kristen Newsom, and though we talk every day on Facebook, it was so nice to see her actual face in person. All in all, a fantastic meet up, and now looking forward to the next one.

Let's talk beer...

I've had 101 North Brewing's Heroine IPA quite a few times now, and I really like it. I'm all about hoppy IPAs these days, but am coming back around to other beers as I make this beer trek. (Someday someone will have to train me on Belgians and Sours…not my thing. Yet.) I'm a huge fan of all of the local beers in our area - Sonoma County has it dialed in, Napa County could use more! Yes, I am biased because I live here. And I really want to open a brewery. Really badly. Like it's all I think about when I'm not thinking about this business. I think it would kill here. Ok, anyway...

Marilyn from 101 North Brewing was there to chat beer & social media, #2 and #3 in my top 5 list of things I love. (#1 is photography, in case you were wondering.) She had me try the Golden Naked Ale, a light, crisp ale that's only a tiny bit hoppy. It was refreshing and I can see why they call it the "Breakfast Beer" on their website. (Sidenote: I thought breakfast beer was Miller High Life, but I can live with two in this category.) At this time, 101 North Brewing is focusing their efforts on making more beer (yay!) and opening a tap room in the (hopefully-not-so-distant) future. For now, I'll continue to try their beers and spread the good word.