Fig Food Shoot from The Girl & the Fig (nom nom nom)

I was so honored to be asked to shoot the Fig Food for The Girl & the Fig. We had an incredible day of shooting at their Suite D location; a day filled with fun props, great light and delicious food. If these images make your mouth water, my work here is done.

Photographic Details:

  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
  • Lens:  Canon 50mm macro & 85mm
  • Lighting for most shots: natural light from large open garage-sized door, large reflector on opposite side (strobe on right for fill where needed; mirror for close-up fill where needed) 
  • Props: vintage silver knife/fork & spoon, long wood bread tray, vintage soup spoon, small glass container 
  • Surfaces: wood serving tray, silver platter, cutting boards, burlap, produce box, rusty sheet metal
  • Food props: morning buns (made by The Girl & the Fig CATERS! crew), fresh radishes and carrots from The Girl & the Fig garden, homemade The Girl & the Fig pickles, dandelion greens