Napa Valley Vintners Social Media Workshop

I presented today at the Napa Valley Vintners social media workshop. If you know me well, I'm really very shy (outgoing introvert, anyone?) so the prep and anticipation caused a mini stroke, I'm pretty sure. All in all, I hear I kept it together up there and hopefully provided some nuggets of info that Napa wineries can implement today.

One of my biggest takeaways for everyone is to take the time to write up a keyword list for your brand. Who you are, who your customers are, what you stand for, your personality traits, target markets - anything and everything that defines who you are as a brand. This list will not just get your entire team on the same page, it will solidify your message, provide you a reference document when you're brainstorming campaigns, will help with searches on social listening tools and will help with targeting in paid advertising.

On another note...after the session, Kayla asked me about shooting wines in environments (seasonal, holiday, with food, etc.) on the fly. She's inspired me to put more thought into how I can help others with this so expect a blog post soon on that.