Marriott's Travel Brilliantly Campaign & the Beauty of Rewarding Customers

Back in 2013, I entered Marriott's Travel Brilliantly campaign & was a first prize winner. My idea was that hotels should create a hashtag for their hotel, closely monitor it, and then reward hotel guests instantaneously while they're still on property. This idea garnered me random techie goods, like an Up band, a laser keyboard for tablets & phones and other fun stuff. I loved the campaign instantly when I saw it (including it's proper grammar) and was so honored to win something! This campaign has grown into something very cool and is one of my favorites.

Here we are, almost 2017, almost four years since I entered that contest, and hospitality/experiential businesses still don't do this. I know that the personpower it takes to stay on top of live & immediate engagement and customer service can be daunting. However, if the powers that be looked at it as an opportunity to educate, empower and include their team instead of keeping pieces of the business separate, the customer loyalty increases would far surpass the learning curve and bumps in execution. Siloed (not a word) social media teams aren't anywhere near as effective as fully integrated teams that collect content enterprise-wide and empower all employees to participate in social. 

Social media is your business' front lines. It touches every side of your business - push marketing campaigns to consumers, customer service, back office peeks, brand storytelling, sales messaging, everything. Your consumer does not think of your business as "Jane from Marketing" and "Susan from Sales." They see you as a whole business, one that needs to be nimble and quick in those front lines. An amazing way to show that you're listening to your consumers is to instantly reward them for being a customer. Give back to your loyal community and it will pay off immensely.

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