An interesting topic came up today while I was chatting with a photographer friend: fun in business. Let's break down a small photography & marketing business' tasks and my personal take on each one:

  • Accounting - not fun
  • Editing - satisfying, but not particularly fun
  • Website updates - sometimes fun, mostly not fun
  • Invoicing - not fun
  • Loading & unloading the car - not fun
  • Cleanup - not fun
  • Shooting - FUN

I have always wanted to be a full time photographer. I had great jobs that were hard to leave but when I did, I realized how much they have helped me in this path of entrepreneurship. Now that I have the opportunity to shoot on a regular basis as a professional photographer, I realize how much fun shoot days are. They're long, they have parts that are not fun (see above) but overall, shoot days are incredibly fun. And we're ALLOWED to have fun on set. In all of my years in corporate America, very rarely were there really, really fun days. Now we're in a position to have some fun and I think we should take advantage of every bit of it. Music onset? Yes. Chatting & joking with the team? Yes. Excitement over getting THE shot & knowing it in your bones? Yes. Getting the whole team - clients, assistants, random people walking by - excited about the day and what we're creating together? Yes.

Truly, why not have some fun?? We're a country that seems to deem having fun at work means you're not working. I completely disagree with that. The best brainstorming sessions and working sessions I've had in my entire career were fun and resulted in incredible marketing campaigns with killer copy & imagery. I try to bring some of that to my own business and need to do so more often.

As you may have noticed, this blog post is just as much convincing me as it is sharing my thoughts to my one reader (heehee). As with anything, working tends to become a chore. It's time to take it back, own it, own the fun in what we do for a living and share that excitement more regularly. Revel in it. Find the joy & fun in more tasks, be more aware that what we do for clients is pretty cool.