Bottlerock 2017

I was honored to be given a Media pass to Bottlerock this year thanks to an awesome client. I was anxious to see Macklemore again (loved loved loved) and of course, Tom Petty has always been on the bucket list. A few others on the lineup that were must-sees for me: Warren G because obviously, and The Roots, who I haven't see since 1997. Twenty years. Twenty. 20. Two-zero. Yeah.

I didn't bring equipment with me this year - I shot Bottlerock in 2014 and it was tough. Hot, dirty, lots of people bumping into lenses - I just couldn't hang. Lucky for me, my Media pass got me fairly close to the stage. Sunday night, I did bust out my tiny little point-and-shoot, the camera that cracks me up as a photographer because it's just so small and looks so unprofessional. I have to give my little guy credit, it took some great photos!