Lifestyle Photography: JaM Cellars

In January, we had a lifestyle shoot with JaM Cellars, focused on their spring campaign. This ended up being the rainiest day on record in the history of the universe (ok, maybe not THAT rainy) but still, so rainy, and our shoot was all about spring. Spring, as in sunshine and flowers and getting back outside and blue skies. Nope. We had to make it work. We did the entire shoot inside, with a beauty dish for that high-contrast, fashion-y, bright-as-the-sun-I-wanna-have-some-fun-look. 

These images have made their way on JaM Cellars; website, Bottlerock booths, onto Point-of-Sale materials, and of course, into social media. Have to admit, seeing these images printed larger than a couch at Bottlerock was amazing!