content strategy

What Are You Going to Talk About in Social?

That seems like an easy enough question, right? What are the first things that pop into your mind? My guess is: "me" "me" "me" but with cool photos and graphics. "People will love it because it has a pretty picture and they love us." I hope I can change your mind.

Your content strategy for social needs to start from the very root of good marketing: knowing your audience. If you do it right, you should be creating a strategy that includes the following:

  • Overall brand marketing strategy/plans 
  • In-store promotions/discounts/offers/programs
  • Your existing audience (make a persona!)
  • Your aspirational audience (make a persona!)
  • Your brand's tone and personality
  • Keywords that are in line with your brand positioning/essence
  • Brands outside of your industry that your audience may be interested in (alignment brands)
  • Lifestyle topics your audience associates themselves with: home, fashion, cars, accessories, family, food, etc.

This list ends up being pretty darn close to the 80/20 rule I have mentioned before. 80% of your content is about THEM - your audience & their lives - and 20% of your content is about YOU - your marketing messages/sales pitches.

Our goal as social media strategists and managers - content creators and community managers - is to find the content that resonates with your audience and talk about it. Over and over again, in all different ways. You will need imagery that supports this content, promotions and programs that bring your content to the next level and the kind of brand personality that actual people want to engage with. You are here, in social media, to connect with your consumer in ways that surprises them.

Do you know, by doing qualitative and quantitative research, that your audience loves horses? Then why aren't you talking about horses in your social media posts? Every post does NOT need to be about your sales message. People see right through that and it annoys them. Think of your own social media feeds. Are you more likely to like/comment/share/heart/retweet/favorite/repin a post from a brand about their products or a post that is about your love of horses? Probably the latter. 

Get creative. You can do this, you just have to think outside of the traditional marketing box. Do your homework, learn about your audience and start testing content. If something does well, analyze why it did well, and do it again. And again. Soon you will have an arsenal of content that you know will be well-received.